Solid Works

You Don’t Learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by failing over

  • Introduction, User interface, Customizing of UI.
  • Sketching tools
  • Sketching practise exercises
  • Extrude boss base, Error solving and exercises
  • Ellipse, partial ellipse, parabola, Slot, Polygon, Fillet
  • Exercises
  • Creating planes, Mirror and Exercises
  • Exercises of 3D design by 2D drawing
  • Rib and Draft tools & Exercises
  • 10
    Linear pattern, Circular Pattern, Curve Driven Pattern, Sketch Driven, Table Driven and Fill Pattern & Exercises
  • 11
    Revolved boss base, revolved cut, Swept Boss base, Swept Command and Exercises
  • Loft boss base, Loft cut and exercises
  • Design Project 1
  • Design Project 2
  • Design Project 3