You Don’t Learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by failing over

  • Introduction to Multisim
    History , applications.
  • Installation and familiarization of Interface
    Software installation,how to use software, about components in software.
  • Circuit Analysis
    Basic rules ,Techniques of analysis ,Circuit theorems .
  • Introduction to Digital Electronics
    Number systems,Logic gates,Boolean expressions,K Maps.
  • Combinational Circuits
    Adders Subtractors,Multiplexers
  • Sequential Circuits
    Latch,Flip-Flops,Conversions of Flip-Flops,Counters.
  • Designing of Mobile number Sequence Generator
    Circuit design for any mobile number,and sequence generator.
  • Designing of Digital Clock
    Circuit for 24hrs and 12hrs Digital clock.