You Don’t Learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by failing over

  • Introduction to IoT
    About IoT, Industrial Applications of IoT, IoT in future, IoT architecture.
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor
    Definition, Use of Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Difference between them, industrial Applications.
  • Circuit Analysis
    About tinkercad(online simulation tool), Connecting different circuit elements on breadboard, KVL, KCL .
  • About Arduino
    History, different types of Arduino boards, tour of Arduino Uno, pin configuration.
  • Introduction to Arduino Coding
    Arduino IDE installation, programming structure, compiling sketch, serial monitor.
  • About Sensors (Input Devices)
    Difference between sensors and actuators, Sensors: Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water Detector / Sensor, PIR Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, RFID sensor, Gas sensor, Accelerometer sensor. Interfacing sensors to Arduino boards, about the sensors, the circuit connections, sketch (software program) .
  • About Actuators (Output Devices)
    About DC motors, Servo motor, stepper motor and interfacing to Arduino and software program.
  • Interfacing Of Sensors with Arduino coding
    Exploration of sensors with arduino and their applications.
  • Real Time Project - I
    Design of Line-follower.
  • 10
    Real Time Project - II
    Door-unlocking-system-using RFID.
  • 11
    Real Time Project - III
    Human followed robot.